Private Immersions & Online Mentoring

Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man

Create Sacred And Fulfilling Sex With Your Partner

Traditional relationship counseling works, but often when it comes to sex, people can’t break their patterns with talk alone. My work is more than just giving advice, it’s a revolutionary, experiential way to catalyze change and growth in your relationship and sexuality with your partner.

If you are ready to experience the next level of relating you know is possible but haven’t been able to break through to, I can help guide you there.

Make Room In Your Life For Greater Sexual Intimacy

This work is perfect for couples who are willing to step to their growth edges, do things differently and attain extraordinary results in their lives and relationships. A key component of conscious intimacy is learning to share desires, needs, fears, and tenderness in ways that can be received by your partner.

Learn powerful tools and practices that will open doorways to breakthroughs in communication, intimacy, and new sexual fulfillment.

You Will Leave With A Profound Shift In The Quality And Frequency Of Your Lovemaking

Creating a joyful and fulfilling sexual connection with your partner leads to more pleasure in all of your life. It’s time! Your relationship is worth this empowering transformation.

Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man