Want Better Sex? Try Better Breathing!

The Importance of Love in Sacred Sexuality
The Importance of Love in Sacred Sexuality
October 7, 2016
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October 7, 2016
Want Better Sex? Try Better Breathing!

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced the effects of breathing deeply during sex. It was an explosive orgasmic experience that threw me into another orbit.

I was in the heat of arousal, I took that deeeeeep long inhalation through my nose, and I visualized my orgasmic energy rising up my central channel from my genitals to the back of my head then POW! I was transported.

But here’s the thing, I had to forgo my natural inclination to keep my breath short and shallow. I had to let go of my usual response to an orgasm to trade it in for something different…something better.

When you breathe during the peaks in your arousal, at first it feels like you are subduing the orgasm, like your breathing is taking the arousal away from your genitals.

Wait!  … Did I just say AWAY from your genitals?  That’s right. Your breath acts like a vehicle and it literally transports the energy for your arousal throughout your body and optimally to your brain. It’s like you’re redirecting your orgasm so it’s not purely localized in your genitals.

Okay, lets back up for a moment…

It’s really all about inhaling through your nose, more deeply and more fully.

Have you ever noticed that dull, dopey feeling you get when you have allergies or a cold, and are forced to breathe through your mouth?

It’s because you’re depriving all of the nerve centers in your brain from enough oxygen.

Now ask yourself, When you make love, do you breathe through your mouth – or through your nose?

If you breathe through your mouth during sex, you’re literally keeping those delicious feelings of sexual pleasure from hitting your brain.

In order for sex to be extraordinary, transcending and conscious it really needs to hit your brain– and everywhere else in your body for that matter.

The best way to achieve this is to breathe through your nose. Feel the sensation of the pleasure in your genitals and imagine that sensation is being sipped up through your whole body all the way up to the top of your brain as you inhale. See if you can literally feeeel the energy traveling up through you.

The slower the deeper the longer the breath, the more you will feel and the more you will expand the sensation.

If you’re just starting out with this practice you can choose to exhale through your mouth or nose, up to you. But it’s in that inhalation that the energy of your arousal can really make it’s way up to those higher centers in the brain. When this happen – look out!

The slower and more rhythmically you can breathe during lovemaking, no matter how fast your pelvis may be moving, the more that sexual/emotional pleasure and awareness will circulate throughout your body.

It helps to practice breathing deeply and rhythmically in your daily life too, all throughout your day, while exercising, in a conversation. Set a reminder on your phone and do it as often as you can remember so that when the time comes to get it on, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Ideally breathing deeply becomes second nature, even in the heat of the moment. Your sex partner will thank you, a thousand times over!

Practice when you’re not having sex by sitting down and tuning into the movement of your breath inside your body. Gently feel the breath rising up from your base, through your torso, rising up your body.

Be sure to inhale starting all the way down in your tailbone, relaxing and inflating first your belly, then your chest, then your collarbone area, and then exhale all the way back down, gently contracting your belly in toward your spine as you exhale.

Proper breathing for women, means her body relaxes, she feels more pleasure, has her first orgasm sooner, and continues climaxing with her whole body. Proper breathing for men means ejaculatory control and full-body orgasm, with or without ejaculation!

Stay tuned for more ways to amplify pleasure and consciousness during sex…

METriambika Ma Vive