Top 3 Qualities of an Evolved Sexy Man

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March 7, 2017
A vulnerable man is a sexy man.
A vulnerable man is a sexy man!
October 9, 2017
Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man

The women I know today are highly sophisticated. We are worldly, smart, sharp and savvy. We work on our personal growth, own our own businesses and author our own life. Sadly, the one question I hear from all of my single girl friends is “Where are all the good men?”

Awesome men are everywhere, this is a fact! So what does it really take to be totally irresistible to these phenomenal ladies?

Well guys, as a woman who loves men, I believe that it’s really all about being the unapologetic leader of your own life.

It’s about stepping out of any immature outdated strategies to get your needs met (such as trying to overly ingratiate yourself to women) and step into your far more potent, far more attractive, full Kingly Self.

It’s about you accepting your Divine Masculinity. And realizing how totally magnetic and sexy that is for a woman.

Being sexy, attractive and magnetic to the opposite sex begins with setting aside any limiting ideas you have about yourself and letting go of all the false beliefs of your smallness so that you can *finally* pursue and enjoy the life and love you deserve. You’ve worked hard for this, it’s time.

Yes, women want the fun guy who will make their life more exciting than it is. However, The biggest secret of your attraction is that the kind of amazing woman you desire wants and very much needs to ADMIRE her man.

So what does it take?


Evolved Sexy Quality #1

Your INTEGRITY is Hot!

Remember this one thing; Quality women require integrity from men.

The root of the word integrity means “oneness”. It’s the state of being “whole” or “undiminished”. This means that your words and actions reflect each other. Which means you “walk your talk.”

If you want to instantly lose credibility with a woman, tell her you’re going to do something – call her by a certain time, meet her somewhere, give her a certain experience– and then don’t do it! Only promise what you can deliver. That’s having integrity.

Integrity also means that you know who you are and you have self-respect. You know what you believe in and what you stand for. And you stick with it, no matter how strong her feelings might call for something different. You may think she’ll hate you for it but if she does, it will only be for a second. What follows is sexy-submission.

Keeping integrity with yourself means you have a personal code which will not allow you to be walked over or mistreated. This code doesn’t buckle for anyone (including her). THAT is sexy.

She may never tell you this but here’s how she see’s it: If you don’t have the strength and integrity to stand up to her by standing up for yourself, how can you possibly stand up to the world on her behalf?

You can’t fake this. This isn’t some pick-up artist tactic. If you’re exchanging yourself for someone else’s approval, you’re not valuing yourself.

DON’T be a rigid asshole about it, but DO have principles you live by and know what you are and aren’t willing to tolerate – standards that a woman can and should respect.

This is also about having healthy boundaries. Trust me, women want you to have them. They won’t feel safe unless you do. It’s okay to confront her (without scorn or ego) if she crosses your boundaries. This is sexy. She will respect you all the more for it. Because in the end she knows she can count on you.

Evolved Sexy Quality #2

Your CHIVALRY makes us weak in the knees!

Women find chivalry undeniably attractive.

Truly one of the sexiest things about a man is how feminine he can make a woman feel. And conversely, the more feminine a woman naturally is the more magnetic this quality will be.

In fact, it’s much easier to build and maintain desire in a woman if you possess masculine polarity which is something chivalry instantly causes. Polarity is absolutely essential in order to maintain high levels of sexual attraction in any relationship

This isn’t about assuming she can’t handle carrying her own bags, it’s about making her life easier so she can relax and stay in her feminine. It’s more about showing that you care. Small but important gestures that show her your a gentleman go a long way.

To further clarify, here are a few more things chivalry is NOT: It is not always putting her needs before yours so that she will fall in love with you. It is not bending over backwards so that a woman always gets what she wants from you. And it’s definitely not being so patient and understanding that you tolerate total disrespect or rude behavior from her.

Chivalry is a natural blend of courtly behavior and masculine virtues. It’s about being unconditionally considerate – without expectation to get something in return. It’s about being empathic knowing when it’s acceptable and necessary to go out of your way to improve the quality of life of those around you.

As modern women we do love our independence however gentlemanly behaviour makes our hearts expand and is a total turn-on.  

The thing is chivalry has become increasingly rare. Which means more power to you because you’ll surely stand out from the rest.

Quality ladies want this from you…we’re longing and waiting for men to step up in this way.

So Help her with her coat. Help her carry her things. Stand up any time you’re meeting or saying goodbye. Offer her your jacket. Walk her home or to her car, etc. These gestures will cause her to feel delightfully seduced.

Evolved Sexy Quality #3

Your willingness to CLAIM her is so incredibly sexy…

What does this mean?

When you claim a woman it comes from your heart and center, from your masculine core. It’s when your words and your response leave no room for her to question your desire.   

Claiming is about you, as an evolved man, knowing that when you show up with your delicious masculine energy by being direct and assertive yet kind and loving, she feels opened by you and she knows she’s safe.

Your focus and directed attention are part of your gift to your woman. If your attention becomes unsteady or unreliable, she can feel that and will cause her to lose trust in you.

Claiming demands clarity in your desire. Your desire for her is communicated clearly and without ambiguity. This the first demonstration of leadership. A man stakes his claim and then goes for it. No qualms in letting her know that you’re interested.

When you initiate anything with confidence, it inspires her trust. It tells her that you want her and that she can feel safe allowing you to ravish her.

Claiming is not forcing your way into her world. This is not done for your taking, it’s not even for your own sexual pleasure. You claim her because you want to serve her opening, her pleasure, her power. You express it through assertive tenderness and playful strength.

Claiming is about bringing your unwavering presence. Nothing has a woman connect to you more quickly than your absolute presence: gazing deeply into her eyes and touching her with fearless confidence and sensitivity.

This happens well before any genitals are even involved, claim her by feeling deeply into her heart without pulling back.

Claiming is about opening a woman beyond her fears or concerns into her true loving nature, deeper than she could take herself.

A woman longs to be taken by a man who is present, a man who is not trying to just fuck her, who is not trying to put his penis in her just to have an orgasm. She is more interested in him penetrating her with his boundless desire to lovingly claim her, which may absolutely involve sexual penetration…

If you want your woman to feel claimed, take charge with those irresistible masculine qualities of being direct, single-focused, and determined in pursuing your goal—in this case, loving your woman into blissful submission.


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