Authentic Power | Sexual Wholeness | Liberated Self-Expression

Integrative, Life-Affirming, Gender Inclusive Path To Sexual Healing

This LIFE-CHANGING AND EMPOWERING 6-WEEK MASTERCLASS has been created to support you in coming home to the inherent pleasure, sacredness, and wisdom contained within your own body and sexuality.

Each of the 6 modules of the SoulTouch training is designed to RECONNECT YOU WITH the SEXUAL WHOLENESS that is already alive and vibrant WITHIN YOU. This work guides you in uniting your sexuality with the beauty and power of your soul.

Learn How To Use Sacred Sexuality As A Healing Modality

Heal, integrate and activate your sexual self-expression while gaining the precious gift of supporting others in doing the same.

This course is perfect for coaches, teachers, leaders, and all those who want to LEARN HOW TO USE SACRED SEXUALITY AS A HEALING MODALITY in their life and practice.

If you know that there is something more significant to be experienced in the realms of sexuality and intimacy, yet it may have seemed out of reach or blocked in some way, this work is designed to support you.

Areas Covered In The 6-Week ‘SoulTouch Module 1’ Training Include:

Emotional Release

De-armoring The Heart And Sacral Centers


Somatic Trauma Release

Shamanic Practices

Energy Work And Energy Clearing

Sexual Healing

Clearing Masculine & Feminine Distortions/Traumas

Traditional Bodywork

Connecting With Intuitive Guidance

THIS WORK IS SOUL-CARE: just like our bodies need nourishment and rest, the soul needs to be heard and tended to.

SoulTouch is a holistic approach where everything is recognized as interconnected. It is a cross-cultural and TIMELESS BLEND OF HEALING MODALITIES used to connect with and identify the root cause of inner conflict, sexual difficulties, emotional pain or physical discomfort by accessing cellular memory stored in the body and clearing energetic blocks or holding patterns.



The SoulTouch program creates a secure container and EMOTIONALLY SAFE SPACE for you to open up communication with all of your parts, LISTEN to what needs to be heard, and tend to what needs tending. Together we will open a dialogue with body, spirit, heart, mind, soul, our animal nature, and the child and adolescent inside. In this way, we will DISCOVER what may have been BLOCKING THE PATH to creating WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE.

WATCH AS YOUR OUTER LIFE BEGINS TO change, harmonize and TRANSFORM, as we work through unresolved areas and clear any blocks in your emotions, body, relationships, and sexuality.



Rewrite old stories and CREATE WHAT YOU DO WANT TO EXPERIENCE in your life, SEXUALITY, and intimacy!

As the layers of past conditioning and limitations are peeled and released, we begin re-writing the stories and teaching you tools and practices that CONNECT YOU WITH THE ECSTATIC NATURE OF YOUR SEXUALITY. You’ll gain direct experience working with your body’s energy to CHANNEL, send, and receive SEXUAL ENERGY. Through this work you will learn how to heighten arousal for you and your partners, have longer lasting and more fulfilling sex, and EXPAND YOUR PLEASURE POTENTIAL.

The Program

We meet once a week by zoom for the first five weeks and culminate with a 3-day in-person intensive retreat at a beautiful, enchanted estate in Southern California.

The retreat component of the course is optional, yet highly recommended, as being together in this group container is GAME-CHANGING in integrating all of the TRANSFORMATION and awakenings that arise throughout the course.


To be informed about upcoming dates for this course please send an email with the words Soul Touch in the subject line: