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Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man

Open Up New Possibilities In Relationships, Work, And Life-Purpose!

Our sexuality can affect many parts of our life, just as our day-to-day living impacts our sexuality. At some stage, most of us need support with our sex and relationships.

Whether you’re struggling with sexual issues or are ready to reignite this essential part of your life, mentoring helps you move forward, claim your desires, and communicate what you want and need with your partners.

Sexuality Hits The Core Of Our Sense Of Self

When your intimate life is out of balance, it can make you feel depressed, unfulfilled, or create a sense of emptiness in life.

My goal is to support you inside a non-judgmental, shame-free environment while giving you tools, practices, and resources to get to where you want to be. Let’s get to the core of who you are and start to set you free.

I offer mentoring programs in either 3-months or 6-months containers. We typically meet via video conference or phone. Mentoring can be combined with my Deep Dive in-person sessions.

  • Sergio S.
    Triambika creates a supportive and safe environment that allows you to open up and address any issue that`s holding you back. I deeply appreciate her service in what was a trying time for me and for opening up new avenues for me to explore and discover myself."
    Sergio S.
    Azores Islands
  • Christopher P.
    “Thank you for helping me understand how sexy the heart is and how to touch a woman as an extension of my heart. Your guidance was beautiful. I feel truly blessed to have felt the warmth and power of your radiance.”
    Christopher P.
  • Sam
    “Wow! I connected intimately with 4 amazing different women in the past week culminating in what was undoubtedly the most intense sexual experience of my life. It was hours of unbridled ecstasy – pure ####### magic! I know that our work together has made this possible. Can’t thank you enough Triambika. Sending you all my love.”
    Southern France
  • Dave A.
    “I spent a lot of money numbing myself from the pain and lack of connection in my life. I would have saved millions of dollars and at a minimum 5-8 years of my life had I realised sooner what I was really missing. Working with Triambika I got clear on what I needed to do and while it was wasn’t easy I finally have a true connection to myself and love in my life. This was the best money I ever spent trying to figure this out.”
    Dave A.
    New York, NY
  • Michael C.
    “You help me to feel trust. I was able to let it all hang out. I learned how to be vulnerable, didn't feel judged or criticized, I felt seen! You got what I was and you saw me.”
    Michael C.
    San Jose, CA

Get The Best Sexuality Support For Soulful People Like You

Create Deep Connection and Mutual Intimacy

I help you clear roadblocks so you can connect to the best life has to offer. Let’s make time to talk about everything that’s waiting for you.

Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man