Life Force Mastery – Retaining Your Ejaculate as A Spiritual Practice

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How to Penetrate Her to Her Core And Leave Her Trembling.
October 7, 2016
Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man
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March 7, 2017
Triambika Ma Vive - Sexuality Coaching For The Soulful Man

Let’s face it, making the choice to have master control over your ejaculations is not for everyone. However if you’re a man who’s curious about personal growth and awakening, this might just be for you.

Often men are curious to learn how to have better control as a way to sharpen their lovemaking skills, last a bit longer and feel good about themselves as a lover. While these are all GREAT reasons to learn ejaculatory control, there’s even more waiting to be discovered. 

It’s understandable why choosing to not ejaculate (retaining) feels highly foreign for both men and women. From an evolutionary standpoint, this impulse is primal and essential. This IS the energy that brings us all into being here. So it’s only natural that men would want to ejaculate any time they’re aroused. It seems like that’s the whole point, right? It’s the confetti at the party. The whole reason why we’re here?

Perhaps. But there’s more…

You see, each of us is filled with what we call Life Force energy. This energy is the essence of your being, you consciousness, your soul. Sexual energy is Life Force energy. It’s potent, it creates life. And it also creates just about anything you want when you learn to harness it and move it through you, rather than simply building it up then spewing it out.

Life force mastery is truly ‘sacred sexuality’ at its peak. Think of this as a kind of meditation. Activating your sexual energy is not only a great way to manage stress, it can also be used to cultivate mindfulness, supporting you to adopt a whole new perspective on life.

As the flow of life force moves through you it’s cleansing your emotional, physical and spiritual self, clearing the channels of any blocked or stagnant energies. This is a tremendous practice that can lead you toward great self-empowerment.

When you learn to circulate your sexual life-force you are not only able to last longer, you are moving into the territory of allowing sex to be a vehicle for connecting with your Higher Power, which can feel absolutely exquisite ESPECIALLY during love making.

The ultimate purpose here is to awaken your Conscious Awareness which then allows you to enter into blissful states of union with your beloved and with everything around you.

This deep inner connection makes a man more in touch with feelings, sensations and opens his heart. And because being a better lover always begins with being more in touch with oneself, this practice a great place to start from.

It’s about “being” with the subtle (and not so subtle) energy available during arousal, getting present with your breath, and utilizing your intention and inner vision to direct and to circulate the vital sexual energy up through the body to the higher centers in the brain and ultimately retaining your ejaculate.

By slowly letting go of the natural expectation to frequently ejaculate, men can instead redirect that power toward total Union with the Divine. The best part is that this benefits everything you do in life. Believe it or not your sexual life-force nourishes every part of your world including how you manage in business, how you parent, your love-connections, fulfilling your life-purpose. Everything.

I realize that all of the above might either seem too abstract or too good to be true

How can you go from retention to self-empowerment you might ask?  

Let’s make this more concrete. The following exercise should give you a sense for what this energy feels like and what could potentially be tapped.

Take a moment to tune in and close your eyes.  Now, just bring your awareness down into your pelvis, between your legs.  In a meditative way focus and concentrate on the feeling in your genitals.  Do this for about ten in-and-out breaths.  Really feel and try to sense what’s happening in your genital region.  Gently contract your pelvic muscles just slightly with each inhale and release with each exhale.  Notice what you’re noticing.  You may feel a tingle. You might feel partially aroused.  You may feel connected to a part of your body that you’re only ever in touch with when you are having sex or self-pleasuring. But, this sensation is really always there.  You just have to access.  There’s nothing you need to do with it. Just feel the life-force and breathe.

During this exercise, whatever you might feel is just the tip of the iceberg of the magnificent flow of energy I’m speaking about.  By doing this practice you are living in the moment and beginning to feel into that vital life force that you might otherwise be ignoring because you are overwhelmed with your day to day activities and responsibilities.

This vital force is always there.  You just have to tap into it.  Ejaculation is just a momentary explosion of this energy that escapes.  By choosing to not ejaculate and consistently churning or circulating this energy you are recycling this vitality and this feeling back through your whole body. Hence reaping the great rewards including longevity, vitality, self-empowerment, and personal healing, just to name a few.

Who wouldn’t want to carry this potency and heightened state of aroused awareness around all the time?

If you’re interested in taking this to the next level remember, the toughest part is making the transition from ejaculating to not ejaculating. This can be done slowly. First learning to gain more control of when you ejaculate, then only ejaculating once a week, finally taking long breaks from ejaculating (ie. Once or Twice a month). All the while you are still allowing for arousal, sexual play and self-pleasure. In fact self-pleasure or solo-cultivation, is the best way to begin working with this practice.


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