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  • Sergio S.
    Triambika creates a supportive and safe environment that allows you to open up and address any issue that`s holding you back. I deeply appreciate her service in what was a trying time for me and for opening up new avenues for me to explore and discover myself."
    Sergio S.
    Azores Islands
  • Christopher P.
    “Thank you for helping me understand how sexy the heart is and how to touch a woman as an extension of my heart. Your guidance was beautiful. I feel truly blessed to have felt the warmth and power of your radiance.”
    Christopher P.
  • Sam
    “Wow! I connected intimately with 4 amazing different women in the past week culminating in what was undoubtedly the most intense sexual experience of my life. It was hours of unbridled ecstasy – pure ####### magic! I know that our work together has made this possible. Can’t thank you enough Triambika. Sending you all my love.”
    Southern France
  • Dave A.
    “I spent a lot of money numbing myself from the pain and lack of connection in my life. I would have saved millions of dollars and at a minimum 5-8 years of my life had I realised sooner what I was really missing. Working with Triambika I got clear on what I needed to do and while it was wasn’t easy I finally have a true connection to myself and love in my life. This was the best money I ever spent trying to figure this out.”
    Dave A.
    New York, NY
  • Michael C.
    “You help me to feel trust. I was able to let it all hang out. I learned how to be vulnerable, didn't feel judged or criticized, I felt seen! You got what I was and you saw me.”
    Michael C.
    San Jose, CA

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