Embody Your True Power

Sexuality | Wholeness | Transformation | Freedom

Embody Your True Power

Sexuality | Wholeness | Transformation | Freedom

You know that there is so much more to sex...you just aren’t sure how to access everything that’s waiting for you. Yet.

In this fantastic video training you'll learn 3 simple tools that will give you the courage and confidence to unleash your sexual potential.


Learn To Become Personally And Sexually Empowered. It Is Possible And Much Closer Than You Realize.


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Embody Your True Power Now!

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Unblock what is keeping you from full expression in sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, and life.


Become confident and attract passionate, intimate sexual connections.


Expand and celebrate your unique sensual nature, pleasure, and desire.


Free yourself emotionally to allow immense pleasure, love, and meaningful connections.


Cultivate true power and sexual sovereignty so you can be your most empowered Self.


Embody your true power now!

Schedule a free Breakthrough call with ME today and let’s get you some results!

Hi, My Name Is Triambika...

I am the founder of SoulTouch™ a life-affirming path to sexual wholeness. Over the years I've discovered many people have a disconnect between their heart and their physical, sexual needs. My mission is to awaken sexual consciousness to create peace for humanity.

I help soulful people, like you, move from being stuck in old patterns, to be self-empowered. You will release sexual limitations, traumas, and deeply held limiting beliefs, inviting in bold new possibilities. When you become sexually whole, you unlock your full potential as a human being, whether you want many lovers or just one.

SoulTouch is the system I created to help you access your true power and self-love by liberating your sexual self. My private immersions and online mentoring support you to become the magnificent, vibrant, turned-on You.

Our sexuality can affect many parts of our life, just as our day-to-day living impacts our sexuality. At some stage, most of us need support with our sex and relationships.

Whether you’re struggling with sexual issues or are ready to reignite this essential part of your life, mentoring helps you move forward, claim your desires, and communicate what you want and need with your partners.

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Achieve profound breakthroughs in a 4-hour private immersion with Triambika. Through this somatic sexual healing experience, you will gain new levels of release, empowerment, and heightened spiritual, emotional, and sexual awareness.

Accessing sustained pleasure and ecstasy in any areas of your life requires a willingness to go into the wounds and shadows that have been lodged in your body’s cellular memory. During these sessions, we will dive deeply into the wisdom held in the body, traversing into the emotional realm to release any blocks keeping you from being your fully integrated self.

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Traditional relationship counseling works, but often when it comes to sex, people can’t break their patterns with talk alone. My work is more than just giving advice, it’s a revolutionary, experiential way to catalyze change and growth in your relationship and sexuality with your partner.

If you are ready to experience the next level of relating you know is possible but haven’t been able to break through to, I can help guide you there.

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This LIFE-CHANGING AND EMPOWERING 6-WEEK MASTERCLASS has been created to support you in coming home to the inherent pleasure, sacredness, and wisdom contained within your own body and sexuality.

Each of the 6 modules of the SoulTouch training is designed to RECONNECT YOU WITH the SEXUAL WHOLENESS that is already alive and vibrant WITHIN YOU. This work guides you in uniting your sexuality with the beauty and power of your soul.

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  • Anthony P.

    “Triambika makes you feel at ease enough to let your guard down, so you can remove the layers of whatever the issue is and get down to it. She helped me see the light.”

    Anthony P.
    San Diego, CA
  • Michael A.

    “Triambika’s like a great sherpa. The sherpa keeps you safe, to avoid the pitfalls in life. I’d hire a sherpa because it  saves me time and also saves me money. Because you could find a way there but the time you spend is opportunity cost. You may need to spend a lot of time looking for the path, Triambika shows people the path."

    Michael A.
    SF Bay Area
  • Paul M.

    "I have come a long way in my growth and owning my sexuality. It has been a journey that would not have been as speedy without your expertise. [If I had more time and resources I would definitely work with you more. With personal growth it's a matter of pulling back the layers and getting more in touch with my inner self. At times painful and frustrating and all good!] Your guidance has truly helped me be a better man and I continue to grow. I continue to be open!"

    Paul M.
  • Jason D McClain

    "Very few people are fully embodied. Even fewer are fully embodied *and* have the clarity of mind to see the fulcrum that can make a difference in your life. But even rarer - 0.001% - is that person who possesses both with spirit shining forth through their entire being. Triambika not only lives in all three, but she'll teach/coach/guide you from all three places - mind, body, and spirit- if you're ready for the experience."

    Jason D McClain
    The Evolutionary Geek
  • Shawn Roop

    “Triambika is a wave of grace, the embodiment of elegance and wisdom. Her heart is as brilliant as the glowing sun and her soul is as deep as the infinite purple space in the night sky. She is a combination of magic, wit, kindness and beauty. This woman is truly a gift. Treat yourself, surrender to her and allow her skillful essence unfold years of stuff one can carry. She is Tantra and more…”

    Shawn Roop
    Tantra Quest



We are living in a profound time of rebirth in human relating, collectively entering a new era of sexual consciousness.

It’s time.

Time to feel and heal.

Time to step into your joy, aliveness, and healthy sexual vibrancy.

This work meets you where you are now and supports you to move powerfully into your next stage of evolution.

Through this insightful and personal process, online or in person, you will have the opportunity to change unhealthy emotional patterns and sexual difficulties that have been “unconsciously” affecting your life.

Together we tend to you heart and emotions while clearing out space for you to create meaningful intimate connections with yourself and others.

There is much to share.

Let’s dive in!

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The first step is to apply for a complimentary Soulful Sexuality Breakthrough call with me here.


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