Hi! My name is Triambika Ma Vive

  • Nigel

    "I wanted to stop by and say thanks once again. Although a gentleman doesn't divulge details; I must thank you for teaching me how to connect with the wonderful woman I am involved with at a deeper level. With the notions and ideas you presented I made sure to be guileless, "REAL"  and slow things down...the results have been a blessing and I simply wanted to give credit where credit was due. Thanks again."

  • John P.

    “Before I started working with Triambika I was never able to talk to women and express my vulnerability or feel confident that I wouldn't be hurt. I’m in action now, and having fun. I realized it had less to do with them and more about me. I learned how to be out there in the world, and would be fine with any answer that came back.”

    John P.
    Orlando, FL
  • Steven S.

    "Coaching with Triambika was one of the best decisions I've ever made on my Tantra path. I metaphorically describe the experience like this: when we started I was a little birdie hatching from my shell. As we approached the end of our time time together I leaped out of the nest to fly. With Tri's help I'm now flying all on my own, soaring high."

    Steven S.
    British Columbia, Canada
  • Paul D.

    “Thank you Triambika. The cultivation we have done has been so well done. I'm right where I need to be and the ground is so fertile now. Before it was tight and compacted. Living in fear and holding back. I'm choosing and am living more fully alive. My greatest take away is that it's possible to change and become a better version of yourself.  It's really not about changing ...it's more allowing yourself to be the man/ woman we are designed to be. I so appreciate you being on this journey with me.”

    Paul D.
    Baltimore, MA
  • Brett

    "Triambika uses her insight and intuition to really see where you are and help you get where you want to be. She’ll push you and challenge you, in the most fun and sexy way possible!"